The Big Picture

Every project starts out with a vision; a guiding light that inspires us all. Therefore, in this LANCER GSR project, I wish to share to you the underlying context that will define it’s success. This will ensure that every task moving forward will contribute to a larger whole.

Below are statements that best describes what matters to me:

  • Faster, longer and farther

I want to hit the pedals (All three) hard worry free. There will be no room for compromises. Excellence is what I expect here.

  • Red is my favorite color

Do you remember a time when a gorgeous specimen of a woman passes you by and you can’t help but notice that red lipstick? Recall that feeling.

  • Wait, there IS more

Sometimes what is printed in the brochure is not enough. Now is the chance to play around and explore. Let’s make this interesting and fun.

  • A GSR is a GSR

There was a time when you’re so confused that building a rocket ship to get to the moon seems a good idea. There’s no room for identity crises here. This car goes by many names across different continents but once you see it you’ll know exactly what it is. Just like your God and mine.

“To focus on the visible at the expense of the essential is irresponsible.”
― Bertrand Meyer, Agile!: The Good, the Hype and the Ugly