GSR Coupe PH Fun Run: Our Journey


“I attended a Fun Run.”

The initial impression I get is that I participated in some sort of physical running activity. Then the lengthy process of explaining that it was actually a road trip with my fellow GSR enthusiasts and somewhere along the way it gets clarified. But after four or five times of having to explain it all over again, I literally gave up clarifying all together and just showed a curious friend some pictures.

Awesome pictures by Winston Wayne, and Michael Esguerra

But why participate in a Fun Run?

Good question. And it came from my nine year old sister. The only person who bothered to asked.

Now how to explain WHY?

Very carefully I tried my best to relate a Fun Run to a nine-year-old. It is almost like the same reason why you study and take exams in school. You go through that whole process to know which subject you’re good at or needs improvement and to prepare yourself for the finals and the next grade level after. And those grades serves as a measure of where you are.

“Sounds troublesome.” – Nine-year-old

Trust me, I tried.

In reality, it was my way to review the performance of my GSR. To ensure that it is in tip-top condition to run the expected mileage and to test out the changes I have made so far. I was breaking hard and accelerating hard, apologies to the GSR behind me, so can i see if the newly installed Velocity joint as well as the front and rear disc brake system will hold up.

And it did, thanks to Gil’s Garage!

gils garage logo

In summary it was a day to challenge my machine and my GSR delivered. It brought me home once again, safe and sound for twelve long laboring years.

The Fun Run

The fun run was an initiative by Bong Mallari, president of GSR Coupe PH and was supported widely by the co-captains who were responsible for bringing north, south east and west together. It was a complete experience with our official banner hanging proudly thanks to Kerbz David, a bunch of two-way radios (Wished I had one!) for improved coordination, Winston Wayne and his huge DSLR camera (Awesome pictures by the way!), and support cars driven by Bong Mallari, Jeh Javier and Kerbs David to manipulate and direct traffic. As for me, this was definitely a first and I must say. That throughout the whole activity, I was enjoying myself immensely.

The Journey

The dusk is breaking, early morning, and then a clear blue sky covering over the stretch of Marcos highway, a sign of good weather. I was pumped up. I was finishing a cup coffee and surveying over my windshield to get glimpse of GSRs, my brothers, lining-up one by one along the stretch of the highway. My trusty co-pilot handing out my shades to shield me from the morning light as we prepare to head east towards the sunrise, our destination: Pililla, Rizal. It was a mountainous region quite known for its windmills.

And so it began, a short cruise amidst the morning traffic of Marcos Highway, leading to an uphill drive across the pavement roads of Antipolo, a mountain city. At this point I don’t even have the slightest idea who’s leading the charge but as long as I can see a GSR in front me, I’m all good. Trust was the key.

The destination: Windmill mountains of Pililla Rizal

Pics and Vids thanks to Bong Mallari, Mitzi Punkz, Kerbz David, Jellic Tapia, Gibo Magbuhos, Francis Carbayar, John Kenneth, and Winston Wayne

And what do you do when you reach your destination? You plant your flag and celebrate with your friends and love-ones.

Family pics captured by Winston Wayne, Johmar Guilaran, and Michael Esguerra

The journey back was not free from any mishap. And with what started out as a broken power-window ended up with a GSR getting locked from the outside. Of course nobody gets left behind so practically everyone rallied to get a shot of the problem. But the thing is, nobody had experience in boosting cars, hence the slow process of figuring out how to open a locked car began, which was eventually solved by prying open the keyhole of the trunk.

Evidence captured by Johmar Guilaran

The silver-lining? Great photo-op opportunity.

Images captured by Jeh Javier, Winston Wayne, and John Kenneth


GSR Coupe PH  was founded all thanks to a fun run activity. A tradition we hope to endure. It is an exercise, a study, a review, and an exam. It forces us to maintain our GSR in form but most importantly it is a practice of the value of KAPATIRAN (Brotherhood). We run together as one and nobody gets left behind.

It has been said countless of times that a lone wolf dies but the pack survives. It is true. In life and in practice. Nobody succeeds by sheer will alone. Nobody climbs the ladder of success without looking down to find the right steps. We need one another, specially in this troubling times.

All of us have our destinations. We all have goals, our dreams, our seemingly impossible aspirations. But life is never really about the end goal. It is not. It’s how you get there that matters.

It’s about the JOURNEY. Never the destination.

We are GSR Coupe PH and we are a brotherhood. We value who’s in front and we value the person trailing behind because we know, without them this journey is meaningless.

Cheers to us all!

Lambert, 8:09 AM