DIY (Destroy It Yourself)

A DIY story

I suck at DIY. One time my AC broke down, so I went ahead and switch some fuses. It worked! For a while. Driving a few kilometers away from our house I noticed that I was on the verge of overheating. It turns out the fuse I switched for was giving power to the radiator. Major failure.

I friend in the US sent me this pic.

The Ralliart was embossed, something that I rarely see.

The whole button was sculpted aluminum, a major difference from the usual ABS plastic type of horn buttons.


So yeah, I told him to buy a couple.

And when it arrived I inspected the item. Should I try installing it myself? I thought the worst thing could happen was to loose the functionality of my horn. Not a bad idea right? So I did.

Using an alllen wrench, I unscrewed the bolts.

Turns out by removing the last screw the damn whole steering wheel just came off and for a second I thought. “Ok, the worst thing that could happen now is to loose the steering wheel all together.”. Since I’m in too deep, I might as well see the whole thing through, which I did. This time I hope I got it right.

After removing the steering wheel, I yanked off the old horn button. And since the new horn button was well-thought-out,

meaning the wire to connect the power source as well as the wire that should be attached to anything metal was as good as plug’n-play.

There you have it. One successful DIY (Kept the allen in my car, you never know).

PS: Need this Ralliart Horn? PM me.