GSR Coupe PH “The Gathering”: Yours & Mine


They call it “THE GATHERING”.

GSR COUPE PH’s 2nd anniversary celebration, an event to commemorate the forming of a local car enthusiasts group exclusively for LANCER GSR owners as well as the day I planned to debut my GSR. Yep. This was my first time to attend such an event. And I must say, to see a whole parking lot occupied by GSRs is an amazing sight to behold. Credit goes to the admin group, they really made this event possible and hands down to Alex Martinez of PULSE PRODUCTION for taking the lead to officiate the whole event, it was certainly a gathering of GSR enthusiasts from north, south, east and west.

I arrived at the venue just around mid-afternoon. Immediately I was greeted with smiling faces from other enthusiasts, my brothers (ka-GSR). This was a chance to finally put a face to the names. After all,

It’s the person behind the wheel that matters.

Social media made it convenient to connect one person to another, but compared to real human interaction? Nothing beats real talk versus a “like’ or a “comment’ from a social media post.

Quick photo op with GSR COUPE PH‘s President: Geoff “Bong” Mallari, who also sponsored the event as BCM AUTO GARAGE.

The Team Captains. From the left: Ken Joy Mira (West Crew), Winston Wayne (South Crew), Kenneth Rubia (East Crew) and Alex Martinez (North Crew)

The Event

This is what real engagement means and it feels rightly humane. As evening descended, Ranniel Santiago of SKYHIGH PRODUCTION went up the stage and gave a warm welcome and entertained the crowd with his sly humor. The parking lot was now swarming with GSRs. And as darkness begins to loom, one by one, each 16-valve engine came to life. Then a sudden play of lights and sounds filled the air warming up the summer’s night.

What I needed was a cold beer to beat the heat and this was fittingly answered by BELALE Belgian craft beer. At 50% off, I was bound to drink my heart out tonight. Perfect!

Fun and games followed right after and the brands who sponsored this event such as AUTOGARD, CARFUME and LIGHT’S UP provided the prizes that made the games competitive to a point that getting naked to win the longest line contest was well worth it. Imagine, a group of grown men running around half naked in one of the city’s busiest parking lot. This incited laughter from the crowd. SHIRT OPTIONS was in the right place to give out free customized shirts alright; these naked dudes are need of clothing.


Rock Cleo, the founder of WASHBOI join in on the fun as he selected the dirtiest GSR he could find and conducted an on the spot demo to showcase the cleaning plus waxing power of WASHBOI’s quick detailer waterless car wash. Not only did he convinced us of the effectiveness of the product he also gave us sample sized bottles for free. What a real treat!


Washboi Waterless Carwash founder Rock Cleo is doing a live demonstration with GSR Coupe group during their 2nd Anniversary at A.Venue, Makati City. They get to know how easy to use Washboi. With simply spray-wipe-and buff you’ll see and feel the result in an instant. Now they have an alternative way to clean their car. Let’s all conserve water together.
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The festivities climaxed to a mini-car show competition. We were pitted against one another and recognition awards were given to acknowledge a GSR which stood out in a certain category. I was lucky enough to take home the 1st runner-up in paint category, all thanks to BCM AUTO GARAGE’s masterful paint job. Not bad for a debut.

But wait there’s more. Lady luck was on my side that night and I won the raffle draw’s grand prize (change oil package) courtesy of JAY-AIR AUTO & AIRCON SERVICES.

That day I saw different looks for our GSR. It was like a blank canvass and each enthusiast expressed their concept and interpreted it in a wide variety of fashion. As I inspected and marveled at the uniqueness that each one has to offer, nothing prepared me when I laid my eyes on this beauty.


I was crossing the street, heading back at the parking lot to get back at the festivities. When suddenly, a white GSR sporting a Mahdi Caesar 17s, and lowered to the extremes, glided pass my view. Carefully, it slowed down to a full stop. The driver seems unsure how to get inside the event area so I went right at his line of sight and told him that the entrance was just in front of the bus. He waived his hand in approval and gently maneuvered his way in.

There was something special about that white GSR and I was having the strong urge to figure it out. I waited until it settled on its parking spot and with no reservations I approached the driver and introduced myself.

His name is Warren Marcos, from the south crew. He has detailing shop; MNL CARS AND AUTO DETAILING, And he said his first coupe was a 1972 dodge colt and his last coupe will be this white GSR.

And if I was awarded 1st runner-up in the car paint category, he was the champion. And let me tell you why.


As I circled his GSR like a predator upon its prey,  I was left stunned by the whiteness of its paint; its utter unblemished perfection. I can’t help but indulge myself to touch it; to observe how the play of light bounces from its surface and to feel the smoothness of its finish. I let my gaze wonder at every single aspect. It’s not just the paint or the virginal uncut gleam of the quarter glass, windshield and every bit of glass parts thereafter but those little things! The roof trims, the window sills, the door handle trims and so much more. I can even make out the letters embossed on the taillights and the cheek lights. The degree of focus and energy to keep everything fresh after all those long years amazed me.


He allowed me to open the passenger door. And as expected it offered the same level of perfection. From the roof, the steering wheel, the seats and the floor mattings, it was simply flawless. I closed the door lightly and felt that crisp shutting sound that comes from a brand new car. This is how I remembered it way back, the first time I saw a brand new GSR. Such obsession, such attention to the details, it’s otherworldly to say the least. This was walking the edge of insanity. The hood was now open for all to see and there lies its heart; a stock 4g92 SOHC engine, complete with its cover as well as the OEM components, all intact, all fresh. This is an absolute beauty of mythical proportions, a Helen of Troy, a white LANCER GSR in its purest form.

Attending this event reminded me that at the end of the day it’s not only the shared passion that binds us together but also the stories that only you can tell as well as the friendship that only you as an individual can offer, which is a unique an experience as unique as your GSR.

Cheers to us all.

Lambert, 8:41 AM