Mitsubishi’s Lancer GSR

2004, the year I entered college; the very same year I met my LANCER GSR. It was a high school graduation gift, an easy choice made among a strong line-up of others but ultimately, a contract to excel in College. This was my sin car. My version of Tornado in my Zorro like teenage chronicles, my very first car. How lucky I felt at that time.

Allow me to share to you some significant memories I had with my LANCER GSR:

  • This was the first legal property I signed under my name.
  • My ticket to every local destination as long as there is a road to lead me there.
  • The car I drove when I was too drunk to remember that I actually drove, which probably means I did not.
  • The car that enabled me to survive two major car accidents without a single scratch.
  • it was the car I drove when I ran away from home as well as the car I drove when chose to return home.
  • It was inside this car the moment she said “yes” to being my girlfriend and it was the perfect venue the moment I first kissed her lips.

And until now this girl, now a lady, is still mine as I am to hers and so is this car but longer.

They say that there is a mystical connection between man and machine. Now I know why.

This blog aims to share my experience, and perhaps gather yours, as I go through the process of restoring, upgrading and discovering the potential of my LANCER GSR while applying the benefits of project management principles to guide its success.