I believe that Project Management Principles is the KEY to all areas of life whether it be a career, a business endeavor, or in this case, a hobby.


This discipline will provide the roadmap necessary to succeed and make the journey more meaningful. Most importantly, it will create that balance I seek for in my everyday life.


This blog is a project workspace for my LANCER GSR. It will serve as a medium to share my thoughts and experiences.


Mitsubishi’s Lancer GSR

2004, the year I entered college; the very same year I met my LANCER GSR. It was a high school graduation gift, an easy choice made among a strong line-up of others but ultimately, a contract to excel in College. This was my sin car. My version of Tornado in my Zorro like teenage chronicles, my very first car. How lucky I felt at that time. Continue reading “Background”


The Big Picture

Every project starts out with a vision; a guiding light that inspires us all. Therefore, in this LANCER GSR project, I wish to share to you the underlying context that will define it’s success. This will ensure that every task moving forward will contribute to a larger whole.

Continue reading “Vision”